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What exactly will the Baseball Homeschool Institute be?


BTI - created BHI specifically for the serious baseball player.


This unique program will provide our players with an onsite stellar education while also giving players the flexibility to train and develop themselves as serious athletes.


What online school will BHI be working with?

BHI will be in alliance exclusively with Enlightium Christian Academy or "EA" for short. Our players will attend school together onsite at our location.


Why did BHI pick EA?

Enlightium Academy (EA) is a premier accredited private Christian online school with a parent-guided print-based curriculum utilized for our student athletes.


What's EA's curriculum?

Anytime access, no installation... Learning never stops! Perfect for our on-the-go athlete's schedules, Ignitia's Christian online homeschool curriculum is accessible around the clock.Completely online, Ignitia makes software installation a thing of the past! With just a username and password, you're curriculum-ready in one business day. Students can also print lessons to complete school school work offline. Exactly what our players will need when traveling for training or competitive tournaments ANYTIME of the year.


How will players attend classes, develop and train?

Players will attend classes daily Monday - Friday 8:30am -11:30am

Training will be after lunch daily 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Players will have complete school flexibility - granting our athletes a stress free academic schedule. Our players will be at liberty to travel for training and playing at various times of the year because SCHOOL goes with them wherever we may travel. Some destinations being considered for 2019 -2020 season include Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Florida, California, Texas, & Hawaii.


Will BHI have it's own school team?

YES!!!! - A JV & Varsity! This by far is the most exciting part of this whole program. Our school will have it's own team complete year round training (in an amazing training facility) Team name will be revealed soon. 

Our team has already received an official invitation to The HOMESCHOOL WORLD SERIES


How many student/athletes will BHI have and what grades?

BHI will begin with players grades 8 through 12th grade for our 2019-2020

year. With a total of 30 students.

When will registrations begin?

February 1st 2019


Tuition fees?

We know parents will be delighted to learn how affordable this program will be.

This and many other questions will be answered during our informational sessions!


YES we have built the only "IMG" in the North East.... but much more affordable & BETTER!!!


No other baseball program offers both Academic & Athletic Excellence like BHI! A program with the flexibility our student athletes need and deserve! Players have all their needs fulfilled and parents have peace of mind knowing that their sons are in a safe, nurturing environment.






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